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Innovating the Future of Outreach & Evangelism

In today’s fast moving, highly connected, media rich social world, it’s becoming harder and harder to capture the attention of people in our communities who do not attend any church. That’s why we’re developing a community-wide outreach church event designed to introduce and reintroduce people in the community who do not attend any church, to the church.

The Community Church Service (CCS) is a community-wide outreach event that will create a bridge between the local church and the community in order to introduce and reintroduce people in the community to the church. To reach new people who do not attend any church the CCS will use the language of today (multimedia & the creative arts) to create a one-of-a-kind outreach event that is relevant to our culture, and spiritually engaging. We believe this outreach strategy will not only connect new people in the community to the local church, but will also introduce many people to God’s amazing grace & love for the very first time!

WHAT we do


Assist The Local Church

By design the Community-Wide Outreach Church Service will support the local church. CCS helps introduce new people to the local church by using an innovative like no other outreach event that’s creative, high quality, relevant to the community, and designed to be another front door to the church. People who attend the CCS outreach events will not only be encouraged in their faith, but will also be invited to take the next step in their spiritual journey by attending a local church service in the community. By creating a true “community” outreach event people in the community who do not attend any church can not only be involved in creating the event, but can also attend the event, creating a unique opportunity to connect with, and introduce, new people to God’s amazing grace & love and the local church.


Reach New People

The Community Church Service is being launched with one main mission in mind – introduce as many new people as possible to God’s amazing grace & love found in Jesus. We believe in 2018 our changing culture requires we find new ways to introduce and connect people to God’s love. His heart and The Great Commission is still the same, but in today’s highly connected, media rich, social world, the way we do evangelism is changing. That’s why the CCS will go to great lengths to create a quality outreach event, that uses the language of today (multimedia & the creative arts) to communicate God’s love and introduce new people to Jesus.


Extend Your (Out) Reach

Before and during the outreach event the CCS will be promoted in the community on social media and on the web. We’ll work closely with the event host church to make sure all promotional materials are in sync with their church, and after the event we’ll extend our reach (and the reach of our host church) by repurposing some of the live event content into micro content that can also be posted on our social media and web channels, extending the reach of the event into the community, and beyond.


Provide A Clear Next Step

The CCS outreach event will provide a clear path for those attending the event to take their next step with God. Our strategy includes offering an invitation to those in attendance to take their next step with God by attending a church service at a local church. We’ll also provide information about online resources that will help them get to know God better.

HOW we do it

Crowdsourced Events

The CCS will be the first outreach church event that uses the power of crowdsourcing to produce our one-of-a-kind outreach events. Utilizing digital and Internet technologies, we’ll create powerful engaging content for our events produced by talented people from the local community, and from around the world.

Excellence Through Collaboration

The best creative teams and the best event content spring from collaboration with many people who have a wide variety of experience and talent. By using today’s Internet technology and crowdsourcing the CCS will be able to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, making the CCS outreach event high quality and truly one of a kind!

Released to Create

God’s church is overflowing with creative people who long for a place where they can use and develop their creative gifts. The CCS will provide that place where local and global creative talent can be involved in creating the content for the local CCS outreach event.

Make It Social (Media)

The CCS will use social media to extend our ministry reach. In today’s highly connected social media world we recognize the unique opportunity to use today’s technology to share God’s love with more people in more places than ever before. Our strategy includes using the amazing power of social media to promote the CCS outreach events in the community and share the hope of God’s love with the world.

A Place to Learn and Grow

Whether a creative, tech person, a guest services specialist or hospitality host, no matter what someone does to help create the CCS outreach events, involvement in the CCS outreach event will not only be an opportunity to do what they love with others that love the same thing, but it will also be a place to learn more about what they love and grow in their faith.

Community and National Support

As this ministry and the Community Church Service will reach new people for Christ and benefit the church at large as we learn how to reach more people in today’s changing culture with God’s amazing grace & love found in Jesus, it’s our hope that churches and Christian businesses will support this innovative new ministry. To make a donation click here or the DONATE link above.


These are several of the positions we will work to fill once we secure the venue where the CCS events will occur. As with most ministry startups, these positions will be filled with volunteers.

Communications Director

Communications Director

Creative Arts Director

Creative Arts Director

Music Director

Music Director


Barry Whitlow, Founder of the Community Church Service.

Family – I’m the husband to my amazing wife and partner Dana, and we have six amazing children that I adore (final score: Girls-4, Boys-2).

Experience  Over the past twenty years I’ve had a number of professions, but I’ve really had only one job – helping churches use technology and the Internet to accomplish their mission. Through the years I’ve been honored to have served churches as a pastor, a large church staff pastor, media director, video producer, social media manager, and website designer. I’m now taking what I’ve learned to launch the Community Church Service.

My Motivation – God planted this question in my heart and it has become my motivation… “If so many people are not attending any local church in our communities, how do we as the Church connect with them and introduce them to God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus? How do we as the Church, in today’s changing culture, stay true to our mission to ‘Go into all the world’ and reach these people that God so loves?”

Their Story is My Story – When I was in my early 20’s, I felt hopeless and alone. Then one day I was introduced to Jesus. Ever since then it’s been my goal and passion to encourage Christians in their faith and introduce as many people as possible to God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus.

Connect With Barry!

who the CCS benefits

The Host Church – This community outreach event is being designed to be an additional front door and point of connection to the community and the local church. We’ve found that sometimes all it takes to get someone who does not attend any church to start attending is creating an opportunity (an event) that breaks the ice and introduces or reintroduces them to the local church.

The Community – Going into all the world (Matthew 28:16-20) in 2018 is much different today than in days gone by. Today to reach our world it’s important to be willing to take a different approach and use different strategies simply because our world has changed. Most in today’s culture do not attend any church, and so creating places where new people can be introduced to God’s amazing grace and love is so important. This not only strengthens and grows God’s church, but it also strengthens the community.

The Body of Christ – When a wide variety of Christians come together from the same community to create, participate in, and attend the same church event, it creates a unique vibe where new friendships can be formed and stereotypes can be dismantled. It also gives more Christians a place where they can be involved and use their gifts and talents to reach new people for Christ.

Let’s Start Something New!
Say Hello!

Are you interested in helping the CCS do what has never been done? Do you want to be a member of our Cast & Crew locally or globally? Interested in supporting our ministry by making a donation? Or maybe you have a question or a comment? If so, we encourage you to let us know below or visit our contact page.

Community Church Service

The CCS is a community-wide outreach event designed to create a bridge between the community & the local church.

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*Creating a bridge between the community & the local church!

*The Community Church Service is a ministry of StudioChurch. Studio has been helping churches use the web and technology to accomplish their mission for over ten years. *Donations to CCS should be made out to “Studio Church” and are tax-deductible.
*Reaching new people with God’s amazing grace & love!